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Equipping your team to handle your organization's  pressing questions leads to long-term success.

We craft professional development experiences for staff and boards ranging from one hour to full day experiences. They can be structured to be held virtually or in-person.


Workshops are customized to your stakeholder's unique needs.

Workshop Topics

Board engagement:

    • Board Meeting Facilitation & Planning

    • Creating Impactful Board Communications

    • Inspiring & Supporting Board Members Leadership

  • Management

    • Effective 1x1 meetings
    • Communicating with direct reports
    • Creating effective stretch assignments
    • Strategy Management
  • Strategy
    • Strategy Management
    • Piloting new initiatives
  • Creating Impactful Meetings
  • Fundraising
    • Fundraising Fundamentals
    • Grantwriting
  • Or we can tailor a workshop to address the topic you most need now
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