Approach & Philosophy

Strengthening People who Make the World Better

It's a lofty goal emerging from years of seeing the passion that philanthropists, nonprofit professionals, and volunteers bring to their work.

We are committed to learning and AGGREGATING WISDOM - there's a lot of great information and ideas from business, philanthropy, and nonprofits. It's hard for an individual or organization to fulfill their "day job" and keep an eye on the wider field. We are constantly learning so we can share promising ideas that fit your needs.

EMPOWERING YOU - we don't just produce great "deliverables" (though we do that too) - we help you build the knowledge and skills to lead your team, ask meaningful questions that lead to solutions, and provide tools to make better decisions. We build on your strengths and your organization's strengths to find the way forward.

We believe in RESPECT, EQUITY, and we love to LISTEN to your stories and the wisdom you have acquired from the work thus far. We care deeply about the people and causes we partner with. We are stronger when we work together - philanthropists, organizations, social entrepreneurs, and the people benefiting from the programs - all of whom have insights and creative ideas that will make our world a better place.

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